My true passion

Da sempre la mia vera passione è quella degli orologi.
E' una passione un po' maschile, ma, come per i gioielli, proprio non riesco a non passare in rassegna le vetrine in cui sono esposti questi esemplari di precisione.
Il must, per me, è sicuramente una donna con un paio di jeans,una camicia, un paio di ballerine, una bella borsa e al polso un fantastico orologio: con questo look, semplice, ma elegante, non ha bisogno di altro per essere a posto.
Di seguito alcuni tra gli orologi, più o meno "seri", che adoro.

Always my real passion is clocks.
It 's a passion a bit' male, but as for jewelry, I just can't avoid to browse the windows where these exemplary of precision are exposed.
A must for me is definitely a woman holding a pair of jeans, a shirt, a pair of flat shoes, a beautiful bag and a great wrist watch, with this look simple, but elegant, she doesn't need nothing else to be at the top .
Here are some of the clocks, more or less "serious", which I adore.

Portoghese Chronograph
Steel with alligator strap.
Mechanical chronograph movement, self winding, self-running 44-hours at full charge.
This watch is named because of the Portuguese's great passion for sailing, and also by their strong preference for accurate measurements. Could not fail, therefore, this chronograph from high precision.

Baume & Mercier 's Classima Executive reinterpret tradition with mechanical movements.
The first one is in yellow gold and Roman numerals, I like its Msize (32mm),but there is also the measure S (24 mm). The second model, steel material, has only one size L (39 mm), perhaps a little bit big for a woman's wrist, but I think it is wonderful. Resistant to 30 meters deep.

Philippe Starck - Fossil "Hards + Ark"
In early 2000, the designer-architect and Fossil unite for a collection of watches by an innovative and design taste. Other models will follow as O-rings digital - that reinvents the clock by removing the hands and numbers and replacing them with a digital circle - or LED model.

In 1945, Rolex marked the beginning of a new era with the launch of the first Datejust.
The inaugural model was advanced for its water resistance, extreme elegance and date display.
In 1947, during the celebrations for the production of the 100.000 th official chronograph, Hans Wilsdorf offered that same Datejust to a famous character that he described as one of the most illustrious personalities of the time. To date, the identity of this character remains unknown.
In the early models of the Datejust, the calendar began to move a few hours before midnight. In 1953, the new mechanism made the shot instantaneous and was added also a Cyclops lens that placed on the window of the dial, magnified date two and a half times for easier reading.

Omega Speedmaster Professional
In 1965, NASA chose this watch as its official chronograph, and it was on the wrist of Neil Armstrong July 21, 1969, at 2.56 hours of Greenwich, when posing for the first time his foot on the moon. In 1970, the same chronograph "save" the crew of Apollo 13 by a disaster due to an explosion on board: the Speedmaster engines starting time necessary for return to Earth.

Paul Frank watch

Suunto T4d Silver Frost
A personal trainer at your wrist. To get a personalized, detailed training diary. Heart rate and calorie consumption in real time. Ability to connect to the iPod to get speed, distance and cadence while cycling.

Part of the new collection "Colour Code". In itself there are also the most famous "Shiny", much in vogue this summer: turquoise, red, yellow, green .. something for everyone.


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